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Ocean cruises have been a popular way to vacation for decades, and for good reason. They’re affordable, convenient, and offer travelers peace of mind knowing that everything they need for a fantastic getaway is all in one place. What could be better than that? Well, then you should consider a river cruise.  Especially if you […]

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10 Reasons Why River Cruising is Perfect for Your Return to Travel

Vacations, even simple weekend getaways, can be full of adventure — that’s part of the great appeal, after all — but if you value a delicious, high-quality meal along with your adventure, then check out these four apps for different travel needs that can direct you to the best places to savor a great meal. […]

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Travelling can be exhausting. Whether it’s an early train ride to the next city or the third full day of touring the Louvre, sometimes even non-coffee drinkers need a pick-me-up in the form of that caffeinated nectar of the gods. Ordering coffee outside of the United States can sometimes be a bit tricky for travelers […]


Italy is a country known for its wine, as well as its history. Those two things are the main reasons why so many people choose Italy for their vacation destination. While you can easily fill your itinerary with must-see attractions, it is much more difficult to determine what Italian wine regions to visit. After all, […]

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The Best Italian Wine Regions for Your Next Vacation in Italy

Wineries all around the world offer picturesque views of vineyards. While those gorgeous views are amazing, spotting a beautiful winery garden amongst those vineyards is a magnificent experience. If you happen to love gardens, as well as wine, you must check out some of the top wineries in Italy for garden lovers. These wineries have […]

Coffee – The Elixir of the Gods, at least in Italy Caffe’.  That’s what Italians call coffee. And ordering coffee in Italy isn’t so different from ordering coffee elsewhere.  But before you do, read this primer on how to order coffee in Italy like the locals.   First, there are so many different types of Italian […]

Yes, you read that right!  I had the amazing opportunity to visit the Saveur Magazine Test Kitchen in New York City! What is Saveur, and more importantly, why should I care? Saveur is a culinary, culture, and travel magazine.  Yes, there are other food magazines, most notably Bon Appetit, Food and Wine, and Food Network.  […]

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My Ultimate Visit to the Saveur Magazine Test Kitchen!

What to do with 72 hours in San Francisco for active travelers? Here’s a sample itinerary crafted with active travelers in mind. Daily Itinerary Day 1:  Friday Friday Afternoon Limousine service to Hotel Vitale from SFO for the group of 4 (2 couples).  Check-in to Hotel Vitale (8 Mission Street, San Francisco), which is in […]

Must sees in Istanbul for your first time   1. Cross the Bosphorus and Visit Beyoglu   2. Enjoy the local cuisine & visit the Grand Bazaar   3. Take a boat ride along the Bosphorus Strait   4. Visit the Blue Mosque 5. Have a leisurely lunch in Sultanahmet zone 6. Go see Hagia Sophia

You would think in today’s world it would be easy to book your own vacation. 

In fact, due to the Internet most travelers feel overwhelmed with all the possibilities.  

As your travel advisor, I’m your advocate and listen to your travel dreams and wishes and work with my partners to make them come true. So stop overthinking and set up a complimentary call.