Getting Married in Italy

Italy is the most idyllic and enchanting country for a wedding. 

Can you really compare Italy to Mexico or the Caribbean? No. They’re so different. Italy is better. 1000 times over! For one reason, Italy is safe and doesn’t have hurricanes. All the more reason to get married in Italy.  

Italy is home to castles, villas, beaches, and more. In Italy, you will experience the generosity of its people, the fabulous cuisine, and a storied past.

Have we convinced you to at least consider getting married in Italy? Are you a modern individual who wants a wedding that is memorable and beyond your imagination? If so, read on and see why our clients have hired us.  

Why should I get married in Italy?


Wedding planning is stressful. 

Did you know that many engaged couples consider eloping because they find wedding planning stressful? Now imagine that stress multiplied if you are planning a destination wedding in a foreign country, where English is not the dominant language!

 That’s why brides and grooms-to-be hire Riveting Trips to arrange a luxury Italian wedding beyond their dreams.

Do you want to get married in Italy?

Why should you hire me?


We know the best regions and locations for your dream wedding in Italy.

Italy has 20 distinct regions to consider for your upcoming nuptials. Have you been dreaming of a wedding in Tuscany? Rome? Or the romance capital of Venice? Are you an Italophile and know exactly where you want to get married? Perfect. Or have you never been to Italy and find the fairy-tale wedding romance enticing?

Contact us and let us know where and when you want to get married.


We negotiate rates for you.

We help engaged couples negotiate the best rates with the hotels and vendors so you can spend the rest of your budget on your honeymoon — in Italy, of course.

 Because we have established personal relationships, our partners help ensure that your wedding day goes smoothly. 


We have the logistics covered.

Do you need a Roman Catholic religious or civil ceremony? Do you know the different rules of who can get married where in Italy?

 We will ensure that you have the proper documentation before you get married in Italy. 


We have the connections.

If you’re planning on a destination wedding in Italy, you’ll need to work with local vendors (unless you’re planning on bringing your photographer over).

 Our wedding planning team at Riveting Trips will help you locate the best local Italian wedding vendors for your magical day.


We work with all couples of all genders and have the best Italian wedding vendors.

Riveting Trips is LGBTQ+ friendly and will only work with providers who are too.

Check out our podcast focused on luxury weddings and travel in Italy 


Want to learn more about getting married in Italy?  

How far in advance should we prepare for a destination wedding in Italy?
We believe that couples should plan ahead at least 9 months ahead. It’s not uncommon for couples to plan more than 1 year ahead, as coordinating a destination wedding has more challenges than a local domestic wedding. That being said, it is possible to have a wedding on shorter notice -- but you should act now

How far in advance should we send the “save the date” cards?
Couples should send notice of their wedding at least 6 months in advance -- if not longer. Remember, if you want more people to attend they will need to account for vacation, budget, and possibly baby sitting of their kids. Most couples start with a quick e-mail notification and then send a more proper “save the date” card later.

We are a LGBTQ+ couple. Can we get married in Italy?
Yes!!! Most definitely. Riveting Trips only works with LGBTQ+ friendly hotels and wedding vendors.  

Can we have a religious ceremony? What religions are accommodated in Italy?
Yes, religious weddings are possible in Italy. There are three different ceremony types: religious, civil, or symbolic. Most couples opt for a symbolic wedding as that’s the easiest to do. (Symbolic wedding = You get legally married at home and then have a symbolic wedding in Italy.) Italy is also open to hosting weddings of different faiths: Roman Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, and more.  

Where in Italy can we get married?
Anywhere! It really depends on the details of your wedding. What kind of scenery will be the backdrop of your wedding? Italy has lakes, mountains, sea, historical monuments, vineyards, and much more. Schedule a wedding consultation and let’s figure it out.  

How much does it cost to get married in Italy?
Weddings in Italy can vary based on venue and number of guests. Riveting Trips usually works with couples who are ready to spend at least 60,000 Euros or approximately $65,000 USD for their wedding ceremony. The average cost of a wedding in Italy is approximately 62,000 Euros.  

Why should we use Riveting Trips to organize our destination wedding?
Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. Throwing in an international destination, cultural and language differences, time difference, and other factors can make your head spin. Jeanie has met with all of her wedding venues and preferred partners -- we have done the wedding vetting for you. Do you have the time and money to scout locations? Also, if you work with a preferred Virtuoso venue, we are also able to leverage additional perks and privileges for the engaged couples and your guests. Are you ready to start planning?
How much does it cost to work with Riveting Trips to organize our destination wedding?
Our wedding planning fee starts at $1500. After our initial consultation, we will discuss the pricing.  

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Trust your dream destination Italian wedding to Riveting Trips.

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