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Jeanie Colclough

Since 2017, I’ve had the pleasure of planning and making the dreams of travel for my clients a reality. I feel excitement and invigorated helping to plan each client’s dream trip, whether it’s a custom cultural itinerary to see the history and art of your destination or an experiential journey like a culinary and wine adventures through the Tuscan region.
My passion for and love of travel was decades in the making ever since my first international vacation at the age of 10 to South Korea. With each subsequent family trip as a child, I fell deeper in love with the new experiences only travel can bring—the excitement of new surroundings, breathing in new smells, relishing the different sights and sounds.
This love continued as an adult, with the added bonus of planning my trips as I wanted to experience them. I scoured through guidebooks (and later, the internet) and maps, creating itineraries for my travelling companions and myself. 

When I married, I delighted in planning our travel—two career professionals who enjoy art, history, and immersing ourselves into the places we were visiting. And now that we’ve started a family, there is a new rush: planning family trips with two young kids in tow!

Throughout all of my travels whether in the US or abroad, I love immersing myself in the destination:

 meeting and talking with locals, taking on the local customs, making time to explore the cities and towns by foot to get a real sense of the place.

Before I knew it, friends and family came asking for my help as they planned their own trips. 

They looked to me for my recommendations and advice; and I found myself excited and energized as I helped them plan their own trips. And I realized something: I love doing it.
In 2017, Riveting Trips was founded! With decades of experience planning my own travels (as a solo female traveler; as a career professional; with a family) and years of experience curating trips professionally, I would be delighted to plan your dream trip.

Our mission at Riveting Trips is to passionately inspire, cultivate, and fulfill dreams- one client, one destination, and one travel experience at a time.

What does this mean for you? Nod if you agree.

Our Values & Mission


We believe that travel is good for the soul.

We don’t believe that travel should be rushed. Yes, you can have “full” days of travel, but we want clients to soak in the locales and cultures of their destination.

We believe that travel is transformative and makes us better informed global citizens. 

By meeting and interacting with locals, clients remark how deeper their understanding of the destination is. Clients always love befriending our travel partners and “troops” on the ground.

We believe in sustainable tourism.

Travel becomes more enjoyable if you relish a destination versus seeing it from a mass-tourist bus.

Let my personal travel network benefit your next adventure.

Riveting Trips is an independent affiliate of Travel Experts, a member agency of Virtuoso. Virtuoso is an elite, invitation-only network of luxury travel advisors and travel partners -- and it gives added clout when booking your travels.  

Jeanie Colclough is also on the invite-only Saveur Magazine Travel Advisory Board. She is one of only 38 out of 18,000+ Virtuoso advisors selected to be on Saveur’s Travel Advisory Board. In her role, she crafts culinary focused itineraries for the magazine and its 500,000+ subscribers. These itineraries are also available to her clients.   

With all our connections to the leading luxury travel consortium we can provide our clients extra perks. These additional privileges have been built on meeting our travel partners in person and cultivating relationships to benefit our clients.  

In a nutshell, when you work with Riveting Trips, you are allowing us to orchestrate your travel from beginning to end. 

That you’ll always travel in style and experience a world beyond the ordinary. Through Virtuoso, our clients enjoy access to exclusive experiences, special values, and complimentary perks at best-of-the-best properties. Perks may include:

Exclusive Access

Upgrades upon booking or check in

Complimentary breakfast for two

Spa or resort credits

Shopping credits

Complimentary wi-fi

Early check in and/or late check out

Exclusive cocktail receptions and shore excursions on Virtuoso Voyages cruise sailings

… and more!


Our favorite type of travel is “slow travel.” We prefer our clients getting to know an area and exploring it. This means sampling the best cuisine and wine of the regions by meeting the local chefs and vintners.  

Although I currently reside in the San Francisco Bay Area, I have lived in Korea, Italy, Washington, DC, New York, and Los Angeles before returning home. Due to my global perspective, I understand the needs of our well-traveled individuals like you. Through these experiences, I have gained a greater understanding of local languages and cultures and love sharing those lessons with our clients.  

I have traveled with my kids ever since they were infants. I am an expert in traveling with kids. If you have concerns about traveling with children, please ask. I’m here to serve you.

In my former life I believe I was an Italian… maybe in ancient Rome. I love learning the history of locales and sharing that with clients to deepen their understanding of the people they will encounter.  

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