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Welcome to the Amazing City of Barcelona! There is so much going on in Barcelona in 2019! Read more to find out why you should go and what’s new in Barcelona for 2019! Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, Spain.  A destination that combines urbanism and natural beauty.  It’s very easy for Americans to visit […]

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What’s New in Barcelona?

My poor kids.  I am the parent that makes them go to art and science museums.  I know my kids enjoy the science museums, but art museums are harder to visit with them.  To counter their initial resistance, I try to make going to art museums akin to a game. Kids in Philadelphia have it pretty […]

Flying for kids is not easy. Flying with kids is not easy. Heck, flying isn’t easy for some adults. So how do you make it easier during those long-haul flights when traveling with your little ones? Believe it or not, there are items you can bring on board to make your life easier.  As a […]

You would think in today’s world it would be easy to book your own vacation. 

In fact, due to the Internet most travelers feel overwhelmed with all the possibilities.  

As your travel advisor, I’m your advocate and listen to your travel dreams and wishes and work with my partners to make them come true. So stop overthinking and set up a complimentary call.