As we continue to find ways to go on with life in a world with the pandemic, Italy’s wedding industry is also catching on. One of these adaptations is that there has been a rise in inquiries for outdoor destination weddings in Italy.

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Outdoor Weddings in Italy During COVID (Planning Your Wedding During A Pandemic)

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Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this update in the world of travel. In case you’re wondering what it’s like in the world of travel, to be honest business has been brutal. This is worse than the world of travel after 9/11. However, it looks like things are looking up […]

Staying Safe While Traveling in South Korea If you have been following the news, you have heard of the violence and tumult from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (also known as North Korea).  You may be asking yourself, “Is it safe to travel to South Korea?”  Well, that’s a really good question. First, let […]

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Is it safe to travel to South Korea?

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